Team Squiggles

As most of you know I am not a fan of running unless it involves hitting or bowling or throwing a ball. It will also come as no surprise either that I do not do fancy dress, at all! Despite all of the above I am part of Team Squiggles – me, my fiancée (Heather), her brother-in-law (Jonathan), my sister (Katy) and her friend Emily – who are taking part in the Super Hero Fun Run in Regents Park on 15th May, yep running and fancy dress!!! Obviously there is a good reason for breaking two of my life rules. We are running for the Brompton Fountain, a charity that does loads for the Royal Brompton Hospital. This is where we spent the best part of two weeks last summer while Little Miss Martha aka Squiggles, underwent major heart surgery as a three day old baby. We have a Just Giving page with our full story if you are not aware what happened. These are truly amazing people, and I would do anything, including running in fancy dress, to help them.

Sadly, there will be pictures on the site once we have completed our run as proof of achievement and for your enjoyment. Costumes are yet to be confirmed, and if you are in the Regents Park area on that Sunday, please feel free to come along and laugh/mock/cheer/encourage/drink.

Any donations truly appreciated, but fully understand if you don’t…..


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