Club Policies


Welwyn Garden City Hockey Club (the Club) is committed to respecting your privacy.
We may collect the following personal data from you:
  • Personal information (name, DoB, gender, address, contact information).
  • Bank account information.
  • Membership information.
  • Family information (emergency contact details, next of kin)
  • Sensitive personal data including medical and health information.
  • Photographs.

The Club uses this information for the following purposes:

  • To facilitate you becoming a member of the Club
  • To manage the membership of the Club, and to enable us to collect and process membership fees, including information required to facilitate the payment of membership fees to third party companies
  • To provide information required by third party organisations England Hockey, and any of the leagues in which the Club participates
  • To provide information required for insurance policies that the Club needs to have in place
  • To provide information about Club fixtures, match changes and cancellations, and to organise social events
  • To include information on the Club website about key positions within the Club, including as required by hockey league rules

Some of your personal data may be transferred to third parties who provide services to the Club, including companies who collect membership fees. The Club takes reasonable precautions to ensure that such companies comply with data privacy regulations. In addition, the Club takes precautions to ensure the security of any data that is held by it via the Club website or online systems.

There is no transfer of your data internationally. 

You have a number of rights available to you under the GDPR. These include the right to access data, the right of erasure and the right to be forgotten. Some of these rights are subject to the Club’s legitimate interests, and legal/regulatory obligations.

If you have any questions about this privacy notice please contact


Selection Committee
The Selection Committee consists of all Team Captains or their representatives, plus the Mens/Ladies Club Captains.

Selection Policy
Teams will be selected on merit but with priority being given to the development of young players. If numbers dictate the lowest Mens and Ladies teams will be selected on a rotation basis.
All teams have the option to choose a squad of up to 13 players for any match.
Players who have been unavailable cannot expect to be automatically selected for the team in which they played prior to their non-availability.

Doubtful Weather

In case of doubtful weather and BEFORE assuming a game to be cancelled, members should contact their Team Captain, or in an emergency their Club Captain after 11.00am (or up to 1 hour prior to meeting for the game – if earlier) to check for cancellation.
All players are expected to turn up regardless of the weather unless they have ascertained that the match has been cancelled.

Home Fixture Distribution

We have set down a few guiding principles this year to ensure that the home-fixture pushback times and pitches are allocated fairly across the club. The idea is that no one team is consistently starting late or early in the day, that we give consideration to the distance our opposition has to travel and the likely availability of our limited pool of umpires. (If anyone is interested in becoming an umpire please contact the umpire coordinator or anyone from the committee).

* The Ladies 1s and Mens 1s home games should be played in either the 1pm or 2.30pm slots.

* We will give each of the lower teams a spread of pushback times over a season (subject to how the fixtures across the club fall).

* When allocating games to the 10am or 4pm slots consideration should be given to the distance travelled by the opposition.

* Wherever possible we will give consideration to likely availability of Club umpires.

Code of Conduct


1. This code applies to all members, both senior and junior.
2. All disciplinary action shall be administered by the Selection Committee. Players shall have the right of appeal to the Management Committee in so far as this does not conflict with Hockey Association Rules. No person shall sit on both committees in this situation.
3. All club members are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner at all times, both on the pitch and pitchside.
Players guilty of persistent abusing of umpires will be penalised most severely.
Any member guilty of verbal or physical abuse to any other player will be dealt with most severely.
4. The recipient of a red card or a permanent suspension from the game shall receive a suspension as stipulated for that category of offence by the Hockey Association. Red card offences in League matches will also be subject to the provisions of the League rules. In addition, extended periods, imposed by the Club, are at the discretion of the Selection Committee. Day 1 of the suspension will be the day of the offence.
5. The recipient of three yellow cards or temporary suspensions in a season shall receive a 9 day suspension, and a further 9 day suspension for each subsequent yellow card or temporary suspension. Day 1 of a suspension will be the date of the offence. Yellow card offences in League matches will be subject to the provisions of the League rules.
6. A player failing to meet his/her playing commitments (including dropping out at short notice) without reasonable cause may not be selected for the next fixture.
7. Players not available through personal choice may be selected in a lower team for the following fixture, unless the selection committee deems that this is not in the best interests of the Club.
8. Strictly no use of mobile phones or cameras in changing room areas.

Summer Hockey

Whilst we all play for fun, the standard of the Broxbourne League has risen in recent seasons. More of our first team players are becoming involved in an attempt to remain competitive, and with the withdrawal from the Hitchin League are more regularly available. As a result some players from lower down the Club who had played in previous campaigns may miss out. This is more prevalent with the mens side, but may become more necessary with the other two teams. No one wants to play losing hockey every week, especially in summer after a long day in the office!!The Committee realise that this should not become the exclusive domain of 1’s and 2’s players, but the need to make the games competitive may mean fewer chances for the rest of the Club. Should there be a strong desire for summer hockey by a number of 3’s and 4’s players then we are happy to organise friendly matches at DeHav against local teams of a similar standard – Mixed, Mens and Ladies.The Broxbourne games are also an ideal showcase for some of the older members of the Junior Section to play with and against senior players. It can also be used to trial new players who may wish to join Welwyn Garden City Hockey Club.

The Captains will try and keep selection as fair and reasonable as possible, whilst keeping their teams competitive. Should you feel that you are not getting a chance, or would like to be involved in other matches outside of the League please contact the Committee.

In addition remember that while the summer leagues are competitive they are also less serious than the winter leagues. These games can also be an opportunity for new umpires to experience higher level games in a reduced pressure environment so try not to let any mistakes from umpires or other players get in the way of a good game of hockey.

Social Media

Social Media is changing the way we share news, information, our views and
generally what is going on in our world. It is probably the fastest way to keep our
friends and contacts updated. No matter if we are Tweeting, posting reports on
forums, or commenting on Facebook we are sharing with our friends …. but also
potentially everyone else, whatever we write it is open to the world.

WGC HC, like all hockey clubs wants all it’s members to enjoy playing hockey,
keeping in touch and sharing great stories. However, just like when playing,
members also need to respect other members, the opposition and the game of

The Club Committee has identified the following simple guidelines when
commenting on-line about WGC HC matters:

· Be transparent: Use your real name, identify that you play for WGC HC.
· Be truthful: Do not make stuff up, write what you know about, don’t gossip.
· Be yourself: Stick to what you know. Do not comment on behalf of WGC HC.
· Don’t tell secrets: We all know when to keep quiet, so do the same on-line.
· Don’t belittle the competition (or WGC HC): Play nice. Anything you publish
should be true, not misleading or embarrassing.
· Don’t over share: Be careful out there—once you hit “share,” you usually
can’t get it back.
· Be respectful: Consider your audience, no swearing or rude words.

WGC HC hopes all our members can follow these simple guidelines and use all the
latest social media tools, applications and programmes to have fun. However, if
members fail to respect the guidelines, the Club will be required to consider match
suspensions and for serious offences consider asking members to the leave the

Goal Keepers

The Goal Keepers role on the pitch is unique in that it requires additional protective clothing. This can be an additional burden for players who take up this role as their main position on the pitch. It also noted that the equipment is personal to the player e.g. size/manufacturer, and also players always have the option to move between clubs.

At WGC Hockey Club we recognise this and put the following in place

· For full time goal keepers the annual subscription will be £100 less than the standard senior player. This is to subsidise the player to fund their own protective equipment. There are no commitments to the player if the player retires or changes club.

· For part time goal keepers or players who want to try the position the club has a selection of used equipment that is checked annually for quality for any player to use.

As with all players there is a risk to playing hockey and the club only insure against 3rd party claims. It is the players responsibility to ensure they are wearing suitable protective equipment wherever they are playing on the pitch.

The Clubs Committee; will always review any requests for support for goal keepers on a case by case basis.

England Hockey Equality Policy


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