On Friday 18th March, Welwyn Wasps celebrated their end of season with their Easter themed Presentation Evening and raised funds for Nick Pratt’s Marathon Run. See below for the medal and trophy winners from the season:

Bronze Medals (Dedication)
Toby Owen- Late addition but great commitment to the team
Alice Burr- Stepping up to play u12 Girls, despite her age
Annabel Lakin- Good attendance at training and playing in defence when I ask her
Lucy Street- Great dedication to improving her game
Lauren Howland- Stepping up to play u14 Girls

Silver Medals (Contribution)
Hannah Chilton- An excellent first season as goalie, incredible saves
Amelia Brake- Doing well in her first season and listening well to coaching
Jess Skilbeck- Stepping up to play u12 Girls and showing excellent skills
Finley Goode- Goal scoring and player nominations
Lauren Cross- Excellent defending and making the step up to Ladies training

Gold Medals (JDC/JAC)
Amelia Pearcy / Eli Tennant / Nell Hayes / Oli Brady / Will Brady / William Reilly / Callum Burr / Alicia F-S

Coaches Player
Evie Reilly- Excellent listening to coaching, playing u14 Girls and great effort in games
Ben Gostick- Excellent enthusiasm and effort at training and in matches
Bella Pratt- Excellent listening and effort on Sunday session

Players Player
Amelia Pearcy
Eli Tennant
Jacob Tofts

Top Goal Scorer
Boys- Liam (4) (Finley, Jacob and Ben)
Girls- Nell, Evie, Annabel and Alicia – Finola McIntyre for first game goal!

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