Membership and Match Fees

Here’s what your membership to Welwyn Garden City Hockey Club gives you:

  • Training on Wednesday evenings
  • Weekend league games played in and around Hertfordshire & surrounding counties (dependent on leagues)
  • Email newsletters and invitations to social events
  • Third party insurance when playing hockey


  • Senior Members (18 and over)      £160
  • Goal Keepers (with own kit)            £55
  • Students (18 and over)                       £55
  • Over 60’s                                                    £55
  • Under 18’s                                                 £55
  • Associate Members (minimum)    £55

Please check with your respective Club Captain to make sure you pay the correct level of subscription if you are in any doubt.

Payment for annual subscriptions should be made by bank transfer to the Club account in a timely manner. Please ensure you include a reference that will make it easy for the Club Treasurer to consolidate accounts against members. For example, use J SMITH SUBS.


  • Senior                                                         £12
  • Over 60, Students (over 18)         £6
  • Junior (under 18)                                £6
  • Umpire remuneration                     £12

Match fees should be paid after each match in cash to the Team Captain. Please do not pay directly to the Club via bank transfer as this is incredibly difficult to manage.

Risks of playing Hockey

As we are all aware, hockey can be a dangerous game with fast moving sticks and a hard ball. Accidents can happen even in games played in the best of spirits. Most of us have had injuries at one time or another, from a sprained ankle to pulled muscles to astro ‘carpet burn’ knees. Thankfully, injuries of a more serious nature are rare and certainly with the right protective equipment, can be minimised. However, if you suffer an injury that causes bleeding you are required to leave the field to have it covered . This is why we’d like to remind players of the precautions they can take to protect themselves. So if you don’t already wear a mouth guard, please consider getting a properly fitted one
made and wear it to all matches and even at training. From an insurance point of view, please note that Welwyn Garden City Hockey Club does not insure individual members for personal injuries sustained during hockey activities – due to the prohibitive costs to do so. However, we do have ‘employer liability’ insurance, which covers third party accidents. We would advise you to check whether your own household or any other insurance policy you hold, will cover you for medical and/or dental treatment, days lost from work etc, in the event of injury sustained when playing and/or training.
There are personal insurance plans you can take out, including specialist sports insurance policies. Whilst not an exhaustive list, more details can be found on the England Hockey website – safe and enjoy your hockey!

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