100 Club

Welwyn Garden City Hockey Club “100 Club”

The sell:
In order to raise funds for WGC Hockey Club and to keep both subscriptions and match fees to a minimum, a “100 Club” was started a few years ago.
To maximize this fundraising, new 100 Club members are needed.
Please purchase a number/or numbers if you can.

The prizes:
The aim of the “100 Club” is to provide prize draws as follows,
Draw 1 (June): 1st Prize £25 2nd Prize £10
(Draw 1 to be held at either the AGM or the Golf Day)
Draw 2 (August): 1st Prize £25 2nd Prize £10
Draw 3 (October): 1st Prize £25 2nd Prize £10
Draw 4 (December): 1st Prize £50 2nd Prize £25 3rd Prize £10
Draw 5 (February): 1st Prize £25 2nd Prize £10
(Draw 5 at the Quiz Night)
Draw 6 (April): 1st Prize £100 2nd Prize £25 3rd Prize £10
(Draw 6 at the Presentation Night)

The details:
Each number costs £12 annually and can be paid either by Standing Order or Direct Debit (£1 per month) or by Cheque (Cheques made payable to “WGC Hockey Club 100 Club”). Numbers are allocated by the organiser of the hundred club. Numbers are not limited to one per person, you can purchase as many as you like, plus family or friends can also enter the draw!
All participants must remain in the scheme for a minimum of 12 months.

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