Saturday 22nd October 2016

M1 vs St. Albans 4s – Away – 12:15 pm
M2 vs Rickmansworth 2s – Home – 2:30 pm
M3 vs Bishops Stortford 4s – Away – 12 pm
M4 vs Stevenage 5s – Away – 10 am

L1 vs Brentwood 1s – Home – 1 pm
L2 vs Rickmansworth 1s – Away – 12:30 pm
L3 vs Berkhamsted & Hemel 3s – Away – 12:15 pm
L4 vs Berkhamsted & Hemel 4s – Home – 11:30 am

Saturday 15th October 2016

M1 vs Bedford 3s – Home – 1 pm – 4-4 draw – match report
M2 vs St. Albans 6s – Home – 2:30 pm – 3-1 win – match report
M3 vs Rickmansworth 2s – Away – 3:30 pm – 4-2 win
M4 vs Southgate Tankards Y – Home – 4 pm – 3-5 loss

L1 vs Blueharts 1s – Away – 1:30 pm – 1-2 loss – match report
L2 vs Aylesbury 2s – Home – 11:30 am – 0-0 draw
L3 vs West Herts 5s – Away – 10 am – 1-5 loss
L4 vs Shefford & Sandy 4s – Home – 10 am

Saturday 8th October 2016

M1 vs Bishops Stortford 2s – Away – 3 pm – 6-1 win – match report
M2 vs Potters Bar 3s – Away – 11:45 am – 3-6 loss
M3 vs St. Albans 7s – Home – 10 am – 1-1 draw
M4 vs West Herts 7s – Away – 12 pm – 2-5 loss – match report

L1 vs Old Loughts 2s – Home – 1 pm – 1-2 loss – match report
L2 vs Harpenden 2s – Home – 2:30 pm – 2-0 win
L3 vs Milton Keynes 4s – Home – 11:30 am – 1-0 win
L4 vs Saffron Walden 6s – Away – 2 pm – 0-5 loss

Inspiration at WGCHC #WomeninHockey

The ladies section of Welwyn Garden City Hockey Club would struggle to function without Sue Owen, in fact, Sue is the club. Sue has been a member of the club since she was 13 and is still here over 40 years later. During her time at the club she has coached a Sunday morning youth team (on grass!), played various positions on pitch and in goal and currently also manages the Five Counties Ladies League.

Sue selflessly dedicates hours and hours week in week out, liaising with captains for team selection and notifications, logistics, coaching and is an ever willing umpire and I would describe her as the glue that keeps it all together.

It is difficult to pinpoint one single example to demonstrate why Sue is so wonderful and if I stated them all, you would be reading this all day but to choose one, I will give is the dedication she showed this weekend. This Saturday, Sue was present at every single ladies game all of which took place in different locations. She also offered to play for the Ladies 2s due to them only having 11 players despite carrying a long suffering injury. This shows just how much Sue will always put the club above herself.

Not only does Sue hold the club together on a Saturday but alongside her daughter Lizzie, she has also stepped in to coach the Ladies 1st team after they were without a coach after the end of last season. Using her expertise both as a player and a coach has ensured that the team have had a successful start to the season, winning their first two games.

Welwyn is lucky to have Sue as part of the club and I know I am not alone in saying that Sue is an inspiration to both young and more experienced players and is a joy to play with and for. To quote Anna Geaves, who was invited by Sue to attend training at 15, without the effort of Sue organising kit, matches and getting young players to games, many youngsters would not have had the opportunity to get involved in hockey and missed out on the sport altogether.

In addition to the inspiration Sue provides to the club, she has also inspired her two daughters Lucy and Lizzie Owen to take up the sport and Lizzie mentions that their childhood was spent at the side of the hockey pitch which was amazing. Lizzie has been part of the club as a youngster, has held the role of Ladies Club Captain and despite carrying her own injury is now working with Sue to coach the Ladies 1st team and inspired by Lizzie and Sue, Lucy has returned to hockey after several years away from the game. A recent game I played with Lucy and Sue saw a goal from Sue assisted by Lucy with Lizzie giving tips to Lucy from the side-line – a true example of a great mother and daughter (s) story within hockey.

Saturday 1st October 2016

M1 vs Harpenden 1s – Home – 1 pm – 2-1 win – match report
M2 vs West Herts 5s – Home – 2:30 pm – 3-6 loss – match report
M3 vs Hertford 3s – Away – 2 pm – 0-1 loss
M4 vs Letchworth 5s – Home – 10 am – 5-1 win – match report

L1 vs Harpenden 1s – Away – 1:30 pm – 1-0 win
L2 vs Cheshunt 1s – Away – 3:30 pm – 0-1 loss
L3 vs Potters Bar 2s – Away – 12 pm – 0-0 draw
L4 vs Letchworth 5s – Home – 11:30 am – 3-2 win

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