Saturday 5th March 2016

M1 vs Letchworth 2s – Away – 3:30 pm – 5-3 win
M2 vs Stevenage 3s – Home – 2:30 pm – 4-3 win – match report
M3 vs St. Albans 6s – Away – 1 pm – 1-0 win
M4 vs Broxbourne 5s – Away – 10:30 am – 0-3 loss – match report

L1 vs West Herts 2s – Home – 1 pm – 0-2 loss
L2 vs Chiltern 1s – Home – 11:30 pm – 0-2 loss
L3 vs Hertford 4s – Away – 11:15 am
L4 vs Royston 4s – Away – 3 pm

3 thoughts on “Saturday 5th March 2016”

  1. M2 spoil Stevenage chance to win the league. After losing to 2nd place Shefford and Sandy last week with a scratch team, the M2 which back at full strength and ready to reverse the 9-2 drumming that they suffered to Stevenage last time they played.
    However after Welwyn Garden City started the game Stevenage were 0-1 in 45 seconds, not a good start. Welwyn Garden City then started to take control with shots flying from PK, Dan and Clarkey all going close, confidence was back until Stevenage broke away and scored again. However Welwyn Garden City did not give up and after applying more pressure PK scored two quick goals after the good play by Tom, Jez and Jack in the mid field. As the half continued Welwyn Garden City gained an advantage as Stevenage player was unfortunate to get one of ijaz’s clearance right on the ankle and he was effectively out for the next 30 minutes, with no sub to replace him.
    The second half started and Welwyn Garden City enjoyed the 1 man advantage and had numerous attempts, one which Clarkey wasted 1:1 with keeper but made up for it on the immediately at the short corner. It was then ex-first team player Martin Whites turn to star, with some silky skills dribbling in and out of 3 players and then slipping past the keeper.
    The defence of Nick, Nick, Simon and Stuart, held their own in the 2nd half even though Stevenage had a rather quick and skilful forward. Nick, men’s club captain, had his moment where after a short corner deflection he saved the ball from going in the top left corner with his stick. Stevenage continued to push and after some clumsy tackles earned themselves a flick and scored. 4-3. Welwyn Garden City held on for another 15 minutes to beat the league leaders, placing them 3rd in league. Stevenage will probably win the league….but not at Welwyn Garden City’s ground!

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